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Gemscarat is A Gemstone manufacturer For Jewelry Making. Buy Online Gems Cabochon, Cut, Pearl, Beads, Chips For Birthday, Wedding, Love, Gift.

We are based in India, Jaipur also known as the pink city the most famous destination for gemstones and jewellery in the world. For quality, creativity and craftsmanship, GEMS CARAT is a known name in the gemstone and jewellery industry. we can provide our customers with best selection of gemstone beads, Jewellery and gemstone cabochons wholesale.

We Specialize In Rare Gems, Top Grade Gems, Calibrated Gemstones, Matching Pairs, Gemstone Lots, Carved Gemstones, Cabochons, Cats Eye Gemstones, Star Stones, Color Change Stones And Much More Of Course, Because Of Our Ideal Location, We Have The Best Selection Of Ruby, Turquoise, Tanzanite, And Sapphire.

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All of our gem beads and natural gemstone cabochon are genuine and cut from natural stone formed in the earth. Our items are selected for their color, cut, clarity, rarity, fashion and style. They are available in a variety of quantities including full strands, half-strands, layouts and loose beads to suit your needs. We also carry a wide selection of gemstone beads and briolette which include plain and faceted beads like round, oval, cube, coin, tube, side drill drops, top drill drops, pear feel free to contact us if there is a particular stone, shape, size or stone that you would like us to offer in our product collection.

Give A Chance: We assure you enduring quality, flawless craftsmanship and a lasting relationship.

Note: Grading has been done according to the quality of the stone. www.gemscarat.com

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